Regency Steel Doors & Windows offers professional door installations for our clients -- a valuable service that can save you a ton of time and money, as well as enable you to keep your focus on you and your family.

Just schedule an appointment at a time that’s convenient for you and we’ll be able to provide a hassle-free estimate based on the true conditions we will face when we install your door. We are here to answer any and all questions about the installation process and how it works.


I don’t recommend trying to wrestle a 300 pound door onto the hinges of a door frame to install it. You might rupture a disk in your back, and might ruin a perfectly good door trying to do so.

Just call us instead, schedule an appointment that fits your schedule; grab a fresh brewed coffee, kick up your feet, and watch the pro’s get your door installed. We will install everything to spec so that there is literally no chance of making a mistake that may lead to a bigger problem in the future by damaging the door, the glass, or leaving cracks in the seal.


At Regency Steel Doors & Windows, we strive to provide you with amazing doors and a streamlined, easy going purchasing experience; from introduction to installation.

By getting us involved early, you can avoid post delivery surprises. The worst thing ever is for you to get your door delivered, only to discover that it doesn’t fit the entryway properly. Not only do you get a panic attack, NOW you have to find a solution ASAP so one problem does not turn into something bigger.

That’s why we are here! To help you make wise decisions which will result in a perfect installation every time. It makes a lot more sense to protect your investment with our professional, qualified installation experts.