An you fit any door and window opening? +

As we custom make each item, Regency Doors & Windows professional installers can measure any door or window opening. Whether it’s for a hand-crafted iron entry door, a side door, patio, window, staircase, or even a new iron garage door, our team ensures your project is measured, created, and installed precisely and professionally.

Do the doors come with locks and handles or is this a separate item? +

All of our doors come with the corresponding locks, manufactured iron handles, or standard hardware included in the price of each door.

If I were to order a door today, how long would it be before you could install it? +

The lead time from the time of the purchase is six to eight weeks.

What is included in the price of the door? +

The price includes manufactured door, jamb, glass, threshold, weather stripping, dead bolt, handles, and professional installation.

Are steel windows energy efficient? +

Steel windows are very energy efficient and have a much better thermal coefficient than aluminum. Coupled with a high performing glass steel windows provide very Low E values. Ask us about providing specific E value calculations for your specific size units.

What are the size limitations? +

Each frame section we utilize has different limitations. Options are virtually endless. Our in house engineers will help design each project to meet your specific requirements.

How long do steel windows last? +

There are windows that are over 80 years old still being used today. Through advanced engineering and fabricating techniques steel windows fabricated today will probably outlast the structure they are installed into.

Do you provide installation? +

Yes, we have our own installation network and can service anyone from Waco to San Antonio. Please inquire about your specific locations.